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Musicians are faced with countless ways of creating buzz and generating global exposure. Thankfully, now you don’t have to be signed to traditional record deals to benefit from prominent resources.
ICONICHIFI is a global music creative company that offers custom exposure to help independent artists reach out to the world. Anyone can “boost a post” or buy ads on blogs, but REAL music fans want the REAL artist’s story. That’s why professional musicians have media campaigns managed by experts. Join our team and see how our solutions can benefit your career! Our EXPOSURE STRATEGY includes worldwide radio plugging supported by social media campaigns, Press and PR activities, Social Media Campaigns, and the creation of graphics and or artist websites





Worldwide RadIO PLUGGING

worldwide digital radio promotion

IconicHifi offers digital radio promotion to over 35.000 radio stations worldwide.

We promote music genre-based, in all genres to FM, AM, local, internet, digital, satellite, national network, community, college and in-store stations.

We do not just e-mail blast random radio stations. We send out light-weight e-mail notifications directly to the right inbox, where music directors, music programmers and DJs are eagerly awaiting new additions for their playlist.

We provide you with the results of the plugging on a regular bases, support our activities with social media support.

Upload your music. We will listen to your music and if it is suitable for airplay, we will get your music the airplay it deserves.

Worldwide Press/PR Exposure

Global Press/PR Campaign

Using our many years of experience we create a well thought press release which will be the calling card for your campaign.

We use this time wisely to carry out market research and formulate a strategy for your campaign. We look at your target demographic, genre and everything in between.

We present reports every fortnight which highlights the progression of the campaign, if we feel we need to take a new approach this is the time.

After release, we follow up with press and journalists to keep momentum even after the campaign has ended.

Graphics / website

Graphics/ Website /Art

We gear our music and artist branding projects to your specific needs. From logo design to photography direction we are here to work with you every step of the way.

Music banding packages come in all shapes and sizes depending on factors such as budget, brief and assets. A standard branding package might include things such as a core logo design, social media graphics, photography direction and editing, packshot and artwork styling or merchandise design. The aim is to bring everything inline as one consistent, solid visual identity to go hand in hand with the music.

Your brand needs to work as an extension of what you do, representing you as most effectively as possible. Balancing your unique identity with market appeal.  We can help you every step of the way.



Our team at IconicHifi manages social media for a wide range of artists and entrepreneurs, and we often find ourselves explaining what a social media management campaign actually entails. Many are wary of letting someone else post for them, with good reason. You put a lot of work into gathering your tribe of fans – you don’t want to confuse them with posts that don’t sound like they came from you!

We will work with you to create content that attracts more fans and supports your brand. An SMM will also post regularly on your socials so that you don’t have to get into the daily tedious grind and you can spend your precious time doing what you love – playing and making music.

The most critical part of any social media management campaign is what happens before a single Tweet, Instagram, Newsletter or Facebook post goes out. We have to get to know you – as an artist, and as a person – before we can start to post for you. All of the next steps outlined here are designed to help you hone your narrative.  This is the most important part.  Without a cohesive narrative, you really have no social “strategy” just a bunch of posts.


Monthly Social Media Management: We will do 3-5 posts per week per account and work to increase your fans/reach genuinely by engaging people targeted towards your music. We can customize your promotions geared toward releases, upcoming shows and by engaging people who would genuinely be interested in your music. We will keep an updated spreadsheet where you can see all the work we do and see your continued growth.

*All packages include FREE setup of social media page if needed.

*Packages do not include advertising budget. We recommend at the very least 100 Euro per month for Boosted posts and ads per social media platform.